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The cat that resents youomg-humor.tumblr.com


The cat that resents you



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If you ask an introvert a question, wait until she thinks about it. Introverts think before speaking, not through speaking. If you want to get to the good stuff, you need to slow down.


The most amazing part of this is that the cat is actually using it

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"I like that I stick out. I was watching “Valentine’s Day” on the plane recently. I have a tiny part in that movie. I was watching all the women — Jessica Biel, and Emma Roberts, and Jennifer Garner and Julia Roberts. They are gorgeous women, and I don’t want to take anything away from them, but they all do have a very classical look, with a very thin nose. I’m watching this parade of these faces and then, boom, it was my face, and I was taken aback. I was like, “Oh, my nose is so big!” I have never in my life thought I had a big nose, but, well, there it was.

The first time I was on TV, on “Flight of the Conchords,” someone put up a YouTube clip and said, “You’re too ugly to be on TV.” And I was like, “That is exactly why it’s a good thing that I’m on TV.” - Kristen Schaal, goddess